Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dead Fly 9 - Broke out the old pastels

Dead Fly #9
pastel on paper 8"x 10"

     Okay, this one will go on the Wall of Failures when I have my big show. It didn't work out but I didn't destroy it. At one time in my life I was quite the pastel artist. Sold some for big bucks and won some awards at local art shows. I have a beautiful set of pastels that was gifted me years ago when I worked as a temp in Cambridge, MA. My job was to match up about a thousand* keys to locks in the building. It was a graphic art company that had moved its location. All the employees were told to just dump their keys in a box when they left. Doors, drawers, cabinets - you name it. One of the perks was that I could take anything they left behind by way of art products as long as I cleared it with them first. I found the Grumbacher 256 studio assortment of pastels. They GAVE it to me! It took me about twenty years to learn how to use them. 
   I hadn't done a pastel painting in many years and wondered if I still could, so I used Dead Fly as the subject. It's not great. Once again, I don't like the paper and think I worked too small. Oh, well. Still have a bunch of Dead Fly paintings to go so the pastel paintings may get better after a while.
     *I was able to match up all but about fifty keys and had a callous on my right index finger from trying them in the locks day after day, key after key.

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  1. Not sure why this is on the”wall of failure.” To my untrained eye,it’s unique. As regards the blog, I find myself visiting the site when news and world events get me depressed. There’s a thought. Dead flies cheer me up.


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