Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dead Fly 20 - Neon Fly

Dead Fly 20
"Neon Fly"
colored pencil on card stock 5"x 7"

          For this one I took the Dead Fly photo and ran it through editing on my iPhone to see what it would look like as a negative.  I had some black card stock I had bought to practice cutting silhouettes - not of dead flies, but of people. I figure if I can learn to cut silhouettes easily it could be a good way to make spare cash. I've done many portraits in the past, so might have a knack for this. Anyways, back to the fly...  I am fascinated with the way light looks in photographs and wanted to see if I could create the same glowing effect with colored pencil on black paper. I had to lick the pencil points many times to get enough lead or whatever to lay down on the paper. I think it succeeded. Someone on FB referred to this as Neon Fly and others followed suit. 

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  1. My favorite from today’s additions to the blog. As a non artist, I’m enjoying the artist comments.


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