Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dead Fly 6 - NASA discovers seven earth-like planets

Dead Fly 6
acrylic on canvas board 5"x 7"

     I painted this particular Dead Fly on February 22, 2017. This was the day it was announced that NASA had discovered seven Earth-like planets just forty light years away. I wondered if they had flies on them. A friend of mine commented that the head of the fly looks like a space helmet and that the light reflected on it looks like the light that reflected on the helmets of the first astronauts that went to the moon. I wasn't thinking about that when I painted it.
     I hope that the fact that some of these Dead Fly paintings are painted on cheap canvas-board that I bought at Michael's (arts and crafts store) doesn't cheapen the overall project or the art. Back when I was in art school one of my professors said that we should be able to destroy any art that doesn't quite work - in other words, is not good art. I chose not to pressure myself into turning out a masterpiece each time I had an idea, so chose at times to just knock one off on a cheap substrate. 


  1. #6, after all the fanfare is done, and if some Manhattanite collector doesn't buy it for a fortune, we may have to negotiate whether I can get you to paint NASA on it's carapace for me...


Please send your comments about The Dead Fly Project especially if you're a gallery owner in Manhattan and would like to host a show once it is completed.