Monday, October 22, 2018

Dead Fly 32 Primordial Soup

Dead Fly 32 Primordial Soup
acrylic on canvas 14"x 17"

     This is another one that can be flipped upside down for a different feeling. It is what it is - Dead Fly rising from a sea of pestilence. Dead Fly falling from a sky of pollution. Black and yellow are the colors used for the contagion flag for ships at sea. In port, it means quarantine. This one is kind of scary and I was in a dark mood when I painted it. You can use your own imagination to see what you want.


  1. I find the narratives to be just as intriguing as the art. When I first saw this on FB, I was struck by the colors, but didn’t take the time to research further. Good explanation, not only of the color choice but of what inspired Bev to do the art.

  2. This makes me think of the demons dragging the bad guy's soul away in "Ghost." Or the Harry Potter dementors.

    1. Hm. It does look like that. I thought that was the scariest part of Ghost. Closed my eyes


Please send your comments about The Dead Fly Project especially if you're a gallery owner in Manhattan and would like to host a show once it is completed.