Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dead Fly 23 - Work Fast! Live and Learn

Dead Fly 23 - Work Fast! Live and Learn
acrylic on canvas-board 5" x 7"

     This is just a quick study mostly to see if I could do it and not mess up, not overwork it. The date on the back of this one is March 15, 2017. This means we probably had the pellet stove going to heat the kitchen - which is where I work - and any sort of water soluble paint would dry quickly. So you can see, this is a really fast study of the dead fly. There's no erasing with such a painting. And one must know when to stop. Unfortunately, after completing this one I stuck it up on top of a cupboard and had it half covered with probably the next one and cooking, wood, smoke - who knows what - created an awkward staining on it. It yellowed some and not in a good way. I might have to salvage this one by mixing up a light wash and touching up the background. Sigh. After seeing what happened with careless handling, I am being more careful now. Live and learn.

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