Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dead Fly 31 - Dead Fly Flag aka Missiles and Flies

Dead Fly 31
Missiles and Flies aka Dead Fly Flag
mixed media on canvas 34.5"' x 60"

      Here is a major work. This means it is large, took a while,and required a certain amount of planning. This was completed in August of 2017, around the time Trump and Jong-un were threatening to lob missiles at each other - with us "just plain folk" in between. Right! Start that crap and we'll all be dropping like flies. Collateral damage.
     It is painted on canvas, and I used acrylic paint sometimes mixed with rust - yes, actual rust - which I gathered from an old well line that we had lying around. We have a lot of iron in our water here in central Pennsylvania and it tends to collect as sediment. I saved a jar of it because it was all powdered and a nice color. I mixed it with Liquin by Windsor & Newton to make it stick.
     Around the time this was completed I had opportunity to visit with one of my sisters. She said she couldn't make heads or tails of the Dead Fly Project or the Dead Fly Flag so I told her the story. "Ah!" she said." Now I get it." She was particularly fond of this painting so as a surprise for her I had it printed on a coffee mug and sent it to her. It's a one of a kind. I don't even have one for myself. She lives out west and often sends me Bigfoot paraphernalia because I like him. 

Dead Fly Flag on a coffee mug

         Here's an interesting photo. One day when I was at the studio The Arts Underground which is in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, a live fly landed on the dead fly flag! Kind of reminded me of The Last Man on Earth, except it's a fly. 

Live Fly on Dead Fly Flag


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  1. Just re-read the description of Dead Fly 31. I’m intrigued by the inspiration (drop like flies) and the technique (use of rust).


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