Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dead Fly 39 Eclipse Fly

Dead Fly 39
Eclipse Fly
Oil on canvas 8"x 10"

     This is one of my favorites for the personal memory it evokes. I have always wanted to see a total eclipse of the sun and had than opportunity in August of 2017 when we were gifted with one. OI drove to Roanoke Virginia and picked up my friend, Julie, who then rode with my to Bryson City, North Carolina. We found a farm at the base of The Great Smokey Mountains that was having an eclipse festival - porta-potties, water, food, parking - and we parked there.
     When the sun went dark but for the cornea, I was so impressed with the dead black circle in the middle of the light! The sky turned a dark midnight blue and yes, we could see some starts twinkling.  Lots of people took pictures but I captured the image in my mind and tried to reproduce the colors and light in this humble painting.

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