Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Dead Fly 84 - We've Come to This

Dead Fly 84 - We've Come to This
acrylic on canvas with iron rust added
Six canvasses 14" x 14" each

This is my Fourth of July 2019 painting. I've been at this Dead Fly Project for a couple years now and each Fourth of July I wax patriotic and do a USA themed piece. This one took a while. First the layout. Then the painting. Then I carved the stars out of block vinyl for printing on the canvas. I carved six stars each one a little different and then as they were stamped onto the canvas, I took an extra slice out so that each one is different. Much like our own states. Each one has its own personality, problems, successes, political leanings. At this time I feel our country is falling apart. We're so divided. If we keep it up - well, Dead Fly. It's meant to be hung haphazardly like depicted. Troubled times. Even the stars lack order.

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  1. Ok, I want to buy this one. I love you, your dead flies and your vision. PM me. Do a show, exhibit this one and when it is over, I will display it.


Please send your comments about The Dead Fly Project especially if you're a gallery owner in Manhattan and would like to host a show once it is completed.