Monday, April 1, 2019

Dead Fly 78 - Goth Fly

Dead Fly 78 - Goth Fly
hand-cut silhouette on paper in pewter frame

     Early in the beginning of this Dead Fly series I found this picture frame at the thrift shop. It's a beauty! I have tried my hand at cutting silhouette profiles of people and actually have some success with it. I had always envisioned a hand cut silhouette of the dead fly in this frame with a deep red velveteen mat. More than just the fly, the entire piece was to become the work itself. I did find what I was looking for as far a mat - it's actually a double mat - plain black is used to define the edges. The red is red suede. I had the mats cut at Brushstrokes in Lewisburg, PA, where the man has an oval cutter. I love the way this one came out! The double mat cost an arm and a leg but I wanted it to look really good. It matches what I had in my mind. Absolutely beautiful!

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