Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dead Fly 95 - Dead Fly Swatters

Dead Fly 95 
Dead Fly Swatters
approximately 18" long - acrylic on plastic

     Because an artist has to make money and until the series is complete and I have a show of all one hundred Dead Fly pieces, I decided to make up a bunch of Dead Fly Swatters for people who wanted to support this project and wish to have something to show for their support. They also work well to swat flies. It took me a while to find a place where I could get blank "promotional" swatters at a price I could afford. I found this at Windy City Novelties near Chicago. They even come individually wrapped in a cellophane bag which makes the sales look very professional. I was selling them at The Arts Underground (closed now forever on account of Covid) and will sell them for $5.00 a piece if I ever get to do an arts festival again. I would sell them mail-order but haven't found a cheap way to package them yet. If I ever do have the BIG show, they will be available for sale there. I have lots! Each one is individually hand stamped (I used the stamp used to create Dead Fly 46) signed and numbered.


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