Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dead Fly 37 Grapevine Fly

Dead Fly 37 
Grapevine and Zip Ties
Approximately 30" x 24"

     I wanted to try my hand at making a Dead Fly out of some of the grapevines we have hanging off the trees.  I've always wanted to try making a basket but really don't need another basket. This took some work! My dog, who gets involved in pretty much anything we do, helped me pull the vines off of the trees. The easiest way to attached them to each other was to use Zip Ties. I need to re-position the wings, however, because these are more the ways a bee would look - not a fly.  It's up in the attic at this posting. Once I re-position the wings, I'll repost the picture.

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