Saturday, December 21, 2019

Dead Fly 90 - DIY Dead Fly Shadow

Dead Fly 90 - DIY Dead Fly Shadow
Mixed media on canvas 14" x 14"

Here is an experiment. Sometimes I see things in my mind and then just want to try them to see if they work out in reality. For this I made a base out of aluminum foil then stitched that to the canvas. Then I covered it with plaster tape even wrapping the wire legs. Then I filled in the gabs with caulking and after several days of drying time painted it. The canvas is painted "manila folder yellow" to recreate the first dead fly on the first manila folder. When it's hung, depending on the light source, the fly casts it's own shadow which changes because light changes.

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Please send your comments about The Dead Fly Project especially if you're a gallery owner in Manhattan and would like to host a show once it is completed.