Monday, April 1, 2019

Dead Fly 72 - Ornament

Dead Fly 72 - Ornament
mixed media 3" diameter 

     It's hard to see the full beauty of this little gem given the reflections in the acrylic ball that the Dead Fly resides in. Had an idea to make a Dead Fly Ornament - or even a set of a dozen! and create this. The idea was in my mind but the original attempt at it didn't work out. I had tried to make it out of pipe cleaners then stuff it into the ball which only has a half inch opening at the top. The pipe cleaners got all smashed up and being pipe cleaners didn't spring back into shape. I needed something soft and pliable that could be squished through a tiny hole and open back up. I found an old Halloween costume head band in a dresser drawer here at the house. It was a spider. Then I cut off tow legs, pulled out a bunch if the stuffing, made some wings out of Contact paper (the frosted stuff) and Voila! It worked. Kind of like a ship in a bottle. Maybe.

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