Monday, October 15, 2018

Dead Fly 24 and 25 Instead of Eggs

Dead Fly 24 - Easter Fly
Oil on Canvas 8" x 10" 

Dead Fly 25
Oil on canvas 8" x 10"

     I did these on Easter Sunday in 2017. I don't go to church as a rule, and don't see much sense in buying fancy clothes. We used to color eggs but now I don't see much point in that. I always thought that as an adult I'd be able to color really masterful eggs, but my patience is thin in that respect, so they never quite worked out. No one ever said WOW! WHAT AN EGG! On the other hand, I wanted to color something and I must have been home alone this particular Easter Sunday or I wouldn't have painted. So here they are for what they're worth - a couple of Easter Dead Flies, loose paint on canvas, one session a piece, bright colors, the challenge being to keep the paint, wet on wet, clean and not to let them turn "muddy." The challenge with Easter Eggs is the same. You've all those pots of colors and dip dip dip - and sometimes there's always one or two that end up looking like an overcooked yolk. 

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